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“Bloody Massacre” Free After Effects Trailer Template

Free After Effects Trailer Template "Bloody Massacre"

Perfect for horror movies, brutal action flicks, or stories with a violent edge, "Bloody Massacre" takes your text and mixes it with smears and drips of deep, red blood. It has five text-areas so you can make this grungy template into your own savage dispatch. While "Bloody Massacre" isn't suited for generic projects, its extreme style and vicious flair make it uniquely awesome. If you can find the right place to use it, it will be highly effective.

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“Inner City” Free After Effects Intro Template

Inner City Free After Effects Intro Template Thumbnail

Railroad tracks, chain-link fences, abandoned warehouses, and of course skyscrapers are all landmarks the downtown areas of any major metropolitan area. "Inner City" throws you into the thick of that district with a handheld view of various gritty features of the inner city augmented by your own text. It even adds on a splash of orange tinted color and fake digital noise to amp up the spunk of the scene. This template is great for an intro to a TV show or a web series set in an urban location.

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“Film FX” Free After Effects Template

Free After Effects Template "Film FX"

"Film FX" isn't a straight-up AE template, but more of a filter. Instead of simply plugging in footage, photos, and text to create a stunning video, "Film FX" takes your video footage and adds a grunge-like film effect to it. You can add grain, different frame-types, change the flicker-rate, and throw in some film roll. The template is very powerful in its scope.

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“Tilt-Shift Effect” Free After Effects Template

Free After Effects Template "Tilt Shift Effect"

Tilt-shift (or swing-tilt) lenses were built for taking photographs of skyscrapers and other architectural masterpieces. Where they differ from traditional lenses is the ability to shift the focal plane of the lens at an angle instead of parallel to your subject. However, using tilt-shift lenses to take pictures of normal, everyday life has a profound effect on the outcome: everything looks miniature. What this template enables you to do is add a tilt-shift style to any of your photos or video footage. Like "Film FX," it's less of a template and more of a filter, but still useful, cool, and powerful.

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