“Shimmering Slideshow” Free After Effects Photo Template

“Shimmering Slideshow” is bold, crisp, and refreshing. Best of all, it places the emphasis not on the effects of the template, but the photos (up to 15) and text (up to 9 text areas) you fill it with.

It is almost exactly the same as our Clean Photo Slideshow template, but with a bit more pizzazz added into the background.

Note: this template may give you an error for lacking the “Light Factory EZ” plugin, but will still render just fine. For instance, the preview below was created without that effect.

“Shimmering Slideshow” After Effects Logo Template Preview

Template Details

  • Quality: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Required Software: Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher
  • Plugins: Pre-rendered
  • Duration: 0:40
  • Music: Fashion Life from Free Stock Music
  • License: 100% royalty free license that allows you to use the template in all types of productions, for worldwide distribution, forever. There are never any licensing fees. Read our license agreement here.

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  1. clark51 says:

    I can’t download this template , it transfers me to another site :/ can anyone tell me how can I get it ???

  2. FB_Hedy_Bramanta says:

    how to download it? when I click ‘download’ it link me to videoblocks.com.
    when I sign up on videoblocks, they asked me my credit card number… But I don’t have credit card -_-

    can I just download it without link me to vieoblocks? Sorry for my bad english

  3. freeepoint says:

    thank you

  4. arnie says:

    Nice tip..incredible, maybe i just add some dust, smoke and flare effects before, during and after the event..to make it a little bit real…I like it, you just gave another idea for our presentation. Thanks!

  5. gayathree hansika says:


  6. BOI says:

    Thank you, very Excellent

  7. ali says:

    Thank you very much

  8. rotulista says:

    Gran aporte amigos!!

  9. ram says:


  10. Ely Guillen says:


  11. Tristan Grant says:

    Thanks alot guys. I love it. Keep it up.

  12. Power15 says:

    Excellent, thank you.

  13. omkar says:

    vah vah this temlate verry nice

  14. maianh1388 says:

    thanks so much.it’s beautiful.good color

  15. haja_fanomezana says:

    Hum, es ist einfach toll, ich mag es, Tchao!

  16. Disha Rohira says:

    Thank You, its amazing.

  17. nilesh says:

    Vaah… Vaah… Amazing………………….

  18. juan says:

    muchas gracias amigos por en intro is beautifull. thanks..

  19. julio cesar says:

    espectacular, muchas gracias

  20. elpericlesgm says:

    Excellent I love it thank you

  21. charlie king says:

    Love it…thank you

  22. Hugo Severiche says:

    thank you…Excellent

  23. theoldman says:

    thk so cute

  24. cg83 says:

    thank you
    very Excellent

  25. Fher says:

    I am trying to figure this out and I am stock.. some one help please

  26. Aldo says:

    Veramente bello,grazie.

  27. djawansahni says:

    Amazing, thank you so much.

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